Hey there! My name is Krystal, the Girlfriend Getaway Guru. I’m a foodie, yogi (that should miami-01-31-2020-friends-trip-45_originaldo more yoga),  coffee addict, and travel junkie. I am a mother of daughters and mil spouse. 

Born and raised in Kansas,  I was a small town girl with big dreams beyond the sunflower state. It was there that I met my husband – an Army ROTC cadet. In a spur of the moment decision we eloped and a few months later moved to Mannheim, Germany. 3 months later he deployed for a year to Iraq. Stuck in Europe, totally alone in a foreign country, what was a girl to do? I traveled. I signed up for every spouse club trip, and USO tour. I bought Rick Steves Guidebooks and just went for it. A new passion was born. 

We lived in Germany for 6 years non-consecutively. Through that experience we were able to travel to 14 different countries. After planning countless adventures for ourselves and family and friends, I realized my true calling – travel advisor. Being able to use my own experience traveling and my intuition to help people really see what they want to see has brought me so much joy over the years. 

I invite you to join me and experience the same.  

I believe in the serendipity of travel. I believe there is joy in the unexpected. I believe that travel makes us better people, expands our horizons, brings us together, builds relationships, challenges our thinking, centers our world, makes us brave, and brings to mind what’s important.  Mostly, I love to help people discover these things for themselves.

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