The only gift that makes you truly richer….

Best Valentines Gift Ever

Because Chocolates melt and Flowers die… Instead of buying jewelry and chocolate this Valentine’s Day, why not buy your valentine what they really want?

A vacation…they want a vacation.

New research commissioned by the U.S. Travel Association reports couples who travel together are significantly more satisfied with their relationships; enjoying better sex and improved romance long after the trip ends. I don’t think that is very surprising…we’ve all known that couples who travel together have healthier, happier relationships compared to those who don’t. So maybe, this Valentine’s Day, couples should re-think the traditional calorie-laden gifts and strengthen their relationships by planning a romantic getaway! 

  • I don’t know about you, but in my house we are Mari-Kondoing our minds out getting ready for another upcoming move. The last thing we need is another “thing.” And ten years into our marriage, we have already exhausted most of the big surprises. Research (by the US Travel Association) agrees: Couples prefer taking a short trip to exchanging tangible gifts – Nearly two-thirds of couples (63%) surveyed say a weekend getaway is more likely to spark romance than large or small gifts. Just one-third (36%) viewed receiving small gifts the same way, and only 15% rated getting big gifts like jewelry as important to improving romance. It also solves the ever prevalent problem – “He/she is SO hard to shop for.”
  • Love Languages are a big topic around the relationship game – Travel is the one gift that can truly encompass all of the languages!
  • Couples who travel together report having a better sex life than those who don’t – Three-quarters (77%) of respondents who travel as a couple say that they have a good sex life, compared to 63% of couples who do not travel together. More than one in every four couples (28%) say their sex life improved after traveling together and of those, 40% say sex together is permanently better after travel. 

The survey interviewed 10,000 adults and found that travel can boost romance because it allows couples time to talk, reconnect and share new experiences. It also provides a change of scenery and a break from the routine of children, chores and busy schedules. And here’s even better news: It doesn’t even have to be a super expensive getaway to work! Of course, a week on Bora Bora in a romantic overwater bungalow can totally make the earth move…but even a Saturday night in a nice hotel suite driving-distance from your home can offer a much needed opportunity to re-connect and finally check out some of the great restaurants and sights that you have been wanting to experience together. Just make sure to allow for a late check-out and breakfast in bed!! 

If you are really wanting to impress your valentine, why not plan a group trip around a shared loved activity? Grab two or three of your favorite couples and plan a cruise this summer, a trip to see the US Open, or a culinary experience in Napa?

So once again, travel is the answer!

Valentine’s Day is Thursday…are you panicking and tempted to visit the local florist, chocolate shop and/or jewelry store again this year? Do you want your dear one’s friends to exclaim “I’ll have what she’s having!”? Why not call your favorite travel professional for some great ideas? Believe me….you will thank me later! 

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