Passion Play in Oberammergau

The year was 1633 and the plague was sweeping across Europe.  And despite the small Bavarian town’s best efforts, Oberammergau was not able to stave off the disease.  So they made a deal.  If God spared them from the plague, they would in turn put on a play depicting the suffering of Christ for all of their existence. Miraculously, no more citizens died from the plague. True to their word, in 1634 the first Passion Play was put on, and is continued to be presented to this day.

So what do you need to know about attending the Passion Play?

  • The play is put on in German, but you will have no problem understanding what is taking place. The powerful music helps give you a sense of what is taking place throughout the play, bringing everything to life.
  • The event only takes place every ten years. Put on during years that end in “0” now, the play is presented from May to October. 2020 will be your next opportunity to attend the Passion Play. After that you won’t have another opportunity until 2030.
  • It is a full days event, starting at 2:30 pm and ending at 10:30 pm with a three hour intermission where dinner is served.
  • The first play was performed over the graves of those that had died of the plague.  Nowadays it isn’t quite as macabre of a production. The theatre was constructed in 1820. It is outdoors with a dramatic view of the Bavarian Alps as a backdrop.  It is something that is absolutely not to be missed.

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Until then, Happy Wanderlusting,


Attending the Passion Play in oberammergau


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