It’s no mystery….this is what she really wants for Christmas.

Every year I hear the same thing from my male friends (and…ahem, husband): “She is  SO hard to shop for. I never know what she wants.”

Well guys, I’m here to solve the puzzle for you and make your life easier.

A vacation.  She wants a vacation for Christmas.

One of the best gifts you can give her is a completely planned trip where she is responsible for making zero decisions. Nothing. Photo by bruce mars on


A vacation? How am I supposed to give her a vacation? When am I going to have time to put all that together?

Well that’s when you call your favorite travel advisor!

A travel advisor will do all the work for you and wrap it all up neatly for you to package under the tree in time for Christmas. Photo by on


You guys – it’s perfect! Trust me.  Call up a travel advisor and start planning now.  By the end you will have an entire itinerary planned out – hotel and flights booked, dinner reservations made, all activities planned and booked.  All courtesy of your travel advisor.  If they are really good they will even let you take all the credit.

And it can be a vacation for anything – a family cruise to the bahamas, a long weekend in Napa, a week jetaway to Europe, a romantic trip to Hawaii. Even (and this is my favorite) call up a couple of her friends and plan something for a girls weekend away.  You know, that way she can get a real vacation.

Can you imagine it? The look on her face when she opens up a box Christmas morning and it’s an itinerary with everything all planned out. All the guess work is taken out for her. You’ve done all the leg work.  Guys, we don’t even like picking out a restaurant at the end of the night. Planning a vacation is exhausting.  So let me help you. Fill out our form or call me today to get started planning the best gift you ever gave this holiday season.

Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Until then, Happy Wanderlusting!

xo, K

what she really wants for christmas





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