Why use a vacation planner?

In the age of Google, and Kayak and Expedia, why would anyone hire a vacation planner? If you can do it yourself then why would you ever hire someone else?

Because, just like you shouldn’t consult Dr. Google when you get a headache, you shouldn’t rely solely on google when you are planning a vacation, otherwise no matter what you do, you end up with cancer.

OK! Maybe that’s a little extreme! But in all seriousness here’s why you should talk to a Travel Advisor before you plan on your next vacation:

  • Your vacation dollars are an investment! Don’t you want that investment to go far? There is nothing worse than spending $80 for a crummy experience only to find out that had you spend $90 you would have had an incredible experience, OR, even worse, to find out you could have had a better experience for $75.  A travel advisor can help you navigate those waters and protect those precious vacation dollars. They can give you a realistic budget for your expectations of travel and can help curate the experience you are looking for.
  • Planning a vacation takes a lot of time! It takes time to plan an itinerary, research hotels and airfare and travel deals and packages. And these days time is a commodity and your time is worth something. Most of us barely have time to take our vacation days, much less plan them out. And planning them out so that they are enjoyed to the maximum potential takes an even extra step! Hire a Travel Advisor and save yourself the time and hassle of going down the internet rabbit hole.
  • Travel advisors have access to perks that aren’t published on other sites! Thanks to their relationships with travel suppliers, they can often get amenities, upgrades and other special VIP touches that my clients don’t have access to. So even though many do-it-yourself-vacationers may pat themselves on the back for saving the $100, I often get my clients special amenities worth way more than that.
  • Don’t miss a thing! How many times have you gone somewhere and thought “Had I already known x I would have done y” It’s your travel advisors job to make sure you know x and get to experience y.
  • A travel advisor’s job doesn’t stop when you book your travel. I go the extra mile to find great restaurants I know they will love and book the reservations, book extra special activities, golf tee times, shore excursions, and I love adding my own surprise touches. I also prepare my clients for travel, so there are no surprises. I check if their passports are current, help them with packing advice, and even tipping guidelines. Finally, I’m 1 phone call away. If my clients experience unexpected surprises during their travel like a missed connection, they know they have just 1 phone cal l to make and I will take care of it for them.
adult book business cactus
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

So how does it work?

Find a travel advisor you know and trust. Someone who is willing to put aside their own expectations of travel and give you the experience you are looking for.  Then schedule a consultation! Most agents will give a free initial consult and then will ask for a small fee to plan and design your itinerary.  Then they will present you with proposals and allow you to pick the one that you like best.  A great travel advisor works closely with you to make sure you are happy with each step of the design and will give you a little or a lot of structure depending on your style.

Plan your next vacation with a travel advisor, because though he may make funny commercials, William Shatner is not going to help you with all the details of your next trip. And even if he could, would you really want him to?

Happy Wanderlusting!

xo, K

If I can help you plan your next vacation, please fill out our form and let’s get started!




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